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Audrey Turtleneck Sweater

New Release

A cozy turtleneck Sweater. Fall can come!

In Store now at Klamotte

<3 Anca

Taking part in the unknown hunt

This is exciting. My first participation in a hunt. \0/

It starts Midday/Noon (12pm SLT) today and runs till September 30th. Every hunt item is gonna be 1L$.

I made some leggings for you:

All 3 of them are in the hunt item at Klamotte

You’ll have to look for this:

Starting location is at [Sleeping Koala] and here is a link to the Hunt Blog

Have fun!

<3 anca

through my eyes

Have you ever felt detached from your avatar?

I did, all they time since I joined SL. I never liked how the camera is somewhere high

above my avatar, not connected to it, just hovering up there. It always felt like

I am only a spectator to what my avatar is doing, opposed to “me” being the avatar.

A few weeks ago, I was so lucky to stumble over this blog post by Penny Paton. It’s

about the perspective and the standard camera placement within SL. She explains all

the techie part of it, at which I am a total looser.

I felt good knowing that I was not the only one, that had a problem with it. And I tried it

right away. I did change some settings, because it was still not what I really wanted.

I wanted a camera position that gives me the feeling I see what my ava would see, if

I could look through her eyes.

When Hogwarts opened their doors for a preview, and I was roaming the castle and

grounds, it came to my mind again, that a lot of people using SL would not see it how

I see it. And with the RP starting soon, I thought it might be a good idea to share my

settings. I truly think that these will enhance your RP experience. You will be able seeing

things like your ava does. You can walk up a corner, not seeing what is behind it, till

you actually walk around it. You will be able to talk to people and look them in the eye.

Here are some examples of how I see it opposed to how it would look with standard


You might say you will loose the oversight you got before. But when in RL do you see

everything ahead of you? To me my SL experience got so much more realistic than

before. I would never want to got back to the old settings.

And here are the settings:

For those who don’t know where to find the debug settings, you got to activate your

advanced menue with ctr + alt + d. Go to Debug settings and type or copy paste

CameraOffsetRearView change all three numbers and then type or copy paste

FocusOffsetRearView. (make sure you get the minus right!)

It’s important that you change both the settings, or you will end up with some strange

views. It is kinda strange when first changed and takes a little time getting used to it. 

But you should give it a try. ;-)

And it’s easy to go back, If you don’t like the settings, just click on reset to default and

everything is back to “normal”.

Still I hope some of you find this usefull.



After months of my friends pushing me to do it, I finally opened a little tiny shop.

So here it is Klamotte

For all those who don’t speak german, it just means clothes, or even just stuff.

Here some pics of what I have to offer right now, its not much, but I am damned proud of it, anyway. \0/

AND … I got a Opening Dollarbie out, too! Come get it!


<3 anca

Covered in Berries


Skin: [Atomic] Lien Skin (LB)_Buff - TDR (Ivy Graves)

Freckles: Freckles 3 - Made by myself

Freckles: ::dUTCH tOUCH:: AddOns - Moles and Xtra Freckles (face) (Iki Ikarus)

Hair: *Dura* Summer group gift(Strawberry) (Chloe Dakun) in Mainstore - Group free to Join (tinted)

Eyes: - Glam Affair - Stella Eyes V2 -14 (aida.ewing)


Dress: Berries Inc. dahlia dress (summse Sands) FLF Item, might still be out if you hurry

Shoes: Berries Inc. Belinda pumps  (summse Sands)

Jacket: Berries Inc. jacket  (summse Sands)

Glasses:  /artilleri/ Clubmaster sunglasses (chin) *brown* (antonia.marat)

Jewelry: [PM] Group Gift : Pearl Necklace and Earings (Tya Fallingbridge) 

Pose - Olive Juice (IsabellaGrace Baroque)

Location: Berries Inc. Mainstore  

And there is a little Sale going on outside Berries Inc. Mainstore!

 Berries Inc. Mainstore

Just pics

Trying to get a grip on SL and styling again

<3 anca

Berries Inc. Newness <3

My dear friend summse Sands, creator of Berries Inc. is putting out two wonderful new releases this evening.

Just right for fall season an adorable wool jacket and a cozy skirt. I love sweater jackets, I can’t get enough of them :-P.  Both, skirt and jacket are perfect to mix and match in all different styles. 

I couldn’t make up my mind, wether to show you it in a more cute or a more casual style. So… I show you both :-D

And it’s a prove how versatile those new releases are. You just can’t go wrong.

You can get the jacket in 3 colors and the skirt in 4 lovely wintery colors. The little bow belt on the skirt is colorchange too. 

<3 anca

Body 1

Skin: Mynerva - OMG Thats Adorable~Cutiepie Dimples (Rhapzody Wilde)

Hair: [e] Fresh - Black 04 (Elikapeka Tiramisu)

Eyes: - Glam Affair - Stella Eyes V2 -14 (aida Ewing)

Lashes: Mynerva Free Eyelashes (Rhapzody Wilde)

Make-up: - Glam Affair - Make-up Layer 01 (aida Ewing)

Hair Base: :: Exodi :: Hair Base - Black (v2 Compatible)  (Ryker Beck)

Outfit 1

Jacket: Berries Inc. Jacket Bettie light fog (summse sands)  new release

Blouse: [Pink] Poppy Sheer Chiffon Blouse - black (London Dailey) 

Skirt: Berries Inc. skirt marla grey  (summse sands)  new release

Leggings: ANEXX_KnitLeggings_Black (machang Pichot)

Socks: **MIS** November Group Freebie - Baggy Socks - Charcoal (Janie Marlowe) no longer available

Shoes: :: Kookie ::  Lazies/ Night (Kookie Lemon)

Body 2

Skin: :: DUTCH TOUCH ::Yri:: Caramel - Soft CL1 (Iki Ikarus)

Hair: Clawtooth: One Fine Day - AutumnMix  (Bubbles Clawtooth) season hunt gift (leaves deleted)

Eyes: - Glam Affair - Stella Eyes V2 -14 (aida Ewing)

Lashes: Mynerva Free Eyelashes (Rhapzody Wilde)

Outfit 2

Jacket: Berries Inc. Jacket Bettie brown (summse sands) new release

Shirt: (Iki) Embroidered Shiny Halter: Faun (Scarlett Butler) 

Skirt: Berries Inc. skirt marla darkbrown  (summse sands) new release

Shoes: *Kookie*  Miss Vo Multi  pumps (Kookie Lemon)

Bags: BP* gamaguchi bag /W/click!texture change/feb2010 (BettiePage Voyager) former group gift

Poses:  (marukin) (Valencia Southard)

Location: slow

Fall love

Have been little busy in RL. Just a short post showing some stuff a gazillion other bloggers might have blogged already. haha… who cares :-)

I do love fall, maybe my favorite season. well no, spring is my favorite, but I do love autumn too. 

If you didn’t do the seasons hunt yet, I suggest you do it. So many awesome gifts put out. Thanks to all the creators for the fabulous gifts! The hunt still lasts till October 9th.

<3 anca


Skin: Mynerva - OMG Thats Adorable~Cutiepie Dimples (Rhapzody Wilde)

Hair: !lamb. Sugar Hiccup Redo - Twix (lamb bellic) 50LF item  (modified to fit the hat)

Eyes: - Glam Affair - Stella Eyes V2 -14 (aida Ewing)

Lashes: Mynerva Free Eyelashes (Rhapzody Wilde)

Make-up: Kyoot Makeup - Feline (Autumn Forest) 50LF item


Jacket: sf design open denim jacket (swaffette Firefly) MHOH gift

Sweater: fri. - Seasons.Sweater (Tomato.Oat) (Darling Monday) Seasons Hunt Gift

Chemise: (Pixel Dolls)Love Lace <3 Chemise . White (Nephilaine Protagonist)

Skirt: {SMS} Simple Skirt Army Green  (Irie Campese) New Group Gift

Tights: Twosome - harvest tights . red (Visa Volare) Seasons Hunt Gift

Shoes: amaama+indian shoes red bean (sandermyu Lungu) former LB item

scarf: {theosophy} Auldearn Scarf (Oak/Spine) (Trace Osterham) Seasons Hunt Gift

hat: *Shai* Newsboy Cap - Brown (Shai Delacroix) former hunt gift

Waistbag: [BUKKA]LeatherBag ::welcome gift:: (yano Hyun) Sub-Welcome Gift

Poses:  (marukin) (Valencia Southard)

Location: nordari

Newness and Project Donate

Pictures galore!!

My dear friend Bublee Bing finally released some new adorable dresses again.

This first one is inspired by a design of Karl Lagerfeld. It’s made of a wonderful flowery brocade like texture. The headpiece and the chest flower are included. It’s available in 4 more pastel colors, too.

The second one is inspired by Valentino ans is available for project donate. 

The big bow and the long silky gloves are included here, too. The top can easily mixed with other styles.

And one more pic of this adorable sim. World’s End Garden. Go visit and enjoy.

<3 anca


Skin: Mynerva - OMG Thats Adorable~Cutiepie Dimples (Rhapzody Wilde)

Hair 1: !Ohmai : Narin {tasty MUSHROOM} (Anya Ohmai) New at Hair Fair

Hair 2: !Ohmai : Ante {tasty GRAVY} (Anya Ohmai) New at Hair Fair

Eyes: - Glam Affair - Stella Eyes V2 -14 (aida Ewing)

Lashes: Mynerva Free Eyelashes (Rhapzody Wilde)

Outfit 1

Dress: Bublee Bing - BB - inspired by Lagerfeld white  (Bublee Bing) 

Stockings: Maitreya Allure Stockings - White (Onyx LeShelle)

Shoes: *GF* Short Lace-Up Boots - white - (Cerberus Noel)

necklace: Berries (sums Sands) WIP soon to be released

Outfit 2

Dress: Bublee Bing - BB - inspired by Valentino (Bublee Bing) 

Stockings: Maitreya Allure Stockings - White (Onyx LeShelle)

Shoes: *GF* Short Lace-Up Boots - lavender - (Cerberus Noel)

Poses:  (marukin) (Valencia Southard); Hate me and eat me (Lisbeth Gummibaum)

Location: World’s End Garden

Hair Fair - !Ohmai Salon

Today I want to show you some of the new releases of Anya Ohmai, owner of !Ohmai. I bet you know her as a creator of utterly sweet clothes. Look what she made for hair fair. These styles are cuteness overload. I luuurve them! <3

And check out the names for the hair colors. Yummy….. :-D, makes me wanna eat them right up.

!Ohmai : Ante {yummy CARROT}

!Ohmai : Narae {hearty PUMPKIN}

Narae and Narin both come with an attached hat that is color-change and can be detached by a menue.

!Ohmai : Narin {tasty GRAVY}

!Ohmai Salon : Uriel {tasty KOPI TUBRUK}

The band and the buttons are colorchanged via menue, too.

I know this is supposed to be about hair, and shoe fair is just over a couple weeks, but I just have to show you these new releases of G-Field. They are gorgeous. And this color is a Luckyboard Prize at petit pas sim. After waiting for 2 days at the board, I went over there today and finally got an A right away YAYYYYYYY. 

Other Stuff:


Skin: Mynerva - OMG Thats Adorable~Cutiepie Dimples (Rhapzody Wilde)

Eyes: Poetic Colors - pc eyes by LL - summer - smooth hills - (m) (Lano Ling)

Lashes: Mynerva Free Eyelashes (Rhapzody Wilde)


Jacket: []::Tuli::[] Cable knit cropped vest SAND (Tuli Asturias) 

Shirt: .:MALT:. Fashions - Allyn Shirt - Sticky Toffee (Khea Karas)

Skirt: *RibboN*Scarf skirt (Mao Melody) New Release!

Stockings: Maitreya Allure Stockings - Rose (Onyx LeShelle)

Shoes: *GF* Square-toe Shoes “Sophie” -autumn leaf- (Cerberus Noel) - LB Item at petit pas

Poses: xbordeaux for hate me and eat me (Xanadu Capelo), marukin (Valencia Southard)
Location: D!va, CalanDiva